Pricing for Services

Precision Edges provides a variety of services for your figure skating and hockey needs. If you need something other that what is listed in the table below please contact Rich for pricing. Prices may vary and are subject to change.

Service Price
Standard Figure Skate Blade Sharpening $12.00
Tapered, Light weight, or stone front on Regular $15.00
Stone front of Tapered or Light weight $17.00
Hockey Sharpening $7.00
Hockey Flat Bottom V $8.00
Hockey Sharpening 3 Pack $18.00
Hockey Sharpening 10 Pack $50.00
Hockey Sharpening 20 Pack for Families of 4 or more $90.00
Contouring / Profiling $30.00
Goalie Sharpening $8.00
Goalie Sharpening 3 Pack $21.00
Goalie Sharpening 10 Pack $60.00
Mounting Figure Skate Blades - Purchased at Precision Edges $30.00
Mounting Figure Skate Blades - Purchased Elsewhere $50.00
Change Figure Skate Blades $25.00
Water Proofing Figure Skate Boots $6.00
Punch-Out Boots $2.50 ea
Heat Mold Boots $10.00
Stretch Boots $20.00