Skating Accessories

Precision Edges carries a variety of hockey and figure skating accessories. Stop in the shop to purchase all the accessories you need!

RockerzĀ® Skate GuardsRockerz® Skate Guards are proudly made in USA from high quality, recycled plastic with the look and feel of rubber providing exceptional grip and durability. Rockerz® last 3-4 times longer than any other skate guards. RockerzĀ® comes in a variety of colors which you can mix and match to create your very own look.

Gel Smarts Ankle SleeveAnkle sleeves cushion and protect your ankles from abrasion, friction, chafing, and callus formation. They fit comfortably inside of your skating boot.


Guard Dog blade protectorsGuard Dog blade protectors help prevent chips and nicks that can be caused by dirt and grime on the hard surfaces at the rink. Available in many colors. Guard Dogs are made of two-piece durable plastic guards and have spring tension to keep guards securely on blades. If these are purchased at Precision Edges, we assemble them at no charge.

Skate Blade SoakersTerry cloth skate blade soakers are a great way to protect your skate blades. They are made with absorbent terry cloth and are machine washable. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.


Critter CoversCritter Covers are available in various wild styles and colors. These soakers are padded for added blade protection and lined with terry cloth to keep your blades dry. Available in several sizes.


Zookerz SoakersZookerz are the soakers that have something to say! Squeeze their heads, and they make animal sounds appropriate to the type of animal the soaker is. One size fits most skates.


Sk8tapeSk8tape makes your tired old skates look new. Tape removes easily and leaves no residue. Available in standard black, white, beige or clear.


Mondor Skating TightsMondor Skating Tights in your choice of footed or over-the-boot.



Skate Safe Skating ProtectionSkate Safe Skating Protection products are very thin and require no retention pants to hold them in position. They can be worn under tights and are almost unnoticeable.


Skate Laces - available in al colorsLaces for figure and hockey skates in all lengths available.