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Rich is great! I just purchased my first pair of Harlicks from Rich. I love them, they fit great and look great. He did a wonderful job on the chem glaze! I was back to jumping the first day in my new skates, something that I've never been able to do in new boots! After having a lot of boot problems growing up, I am so thankful I came to Rich this past year. I don't trust anyone else to do my skates now but Rich! I send all my students to him as well! Thank you so much for all your help and your patience Rich!!

Alicia Marie Marcucci - Coach

Rich is the best! He helped me find the best new skating boot to help me recover from my injury. He listened to me and researched the skates I was thinking about buying, he even got Jackson to send out a pair of Jackson Pro-Flex boots for me to try before I made my decision. He really made the difference in my return to the ice. My new boots are great, they fit just right.

Dean Miller - Intermediate Ice Dancer
US Figure Skating Junior National Competitor

Thanks to Rich my days as an adult national competitor my not be over. For five years following a shattered left leg and dislocated foot (not skating related), I was unable to skate a left outside edge. New boots and blade placement by Rich solved the issue. A visit to Rich is worth the 3.5 hour drive (one way).

Marilynne Stout - Adult Skater
US Figure Skating Adult National Competitor

Thank you so much for fitting me into my new skates so well! I can't thank you enough for all of your help! I am so happy with them! It means so much.

The skates feel great and I can already feel allot of improvement in my skating! You are the best at what you do! I really enjoyed working with you and I can't wait to see you when my new skates need sharpened. Thank you especially for understanding how much I love skating and for getting me the skates that will best help me achieve my goals. May God bless you and your family.

Abby Roy

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